Good Governance and the Long-Term success of your Organization

In the startup phase you tend to cover many different roles within your organization, you are often called the Office Manager/Sales Representative/Marketing expert/CEO however, as your business grows and you start hiring employees the complexity of your business changes. Soon you spend a disproportionate time on the operations (in the business) rather than on the strategic growth (on the business) of your Company, over time chaos sets in as you attempt to juggle the multiple priorities that compete for your time. This is where governance can introduce discipline to your business, providing a systematic approach by which your business is directed and controlled. Corporate governance refers to a set of internal policies, procedures and processes that your business follows in order to increase its long-term viability, enhance the business’ value and increase growth.

We help you implement sound Corporate Governance practices in your Organization:

  Our first step is to help you establish a strong "Tone at the Top" by crafting your own formal Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. This document formalizes the business vision and values, approach to conflict of interest, stance on fraud, and managing sensitive information.  
  We help you create and maintain an organization chart and document job descriptions, this helps defining the organizational structure, and clearly establishes the line of authority and responsibility of each individual within your business.
  We help you assess, design and implement internal controls in order to reduce the risk of fraud, mitigate the potential loss of assets, and ensure that your business financial statements are reliable. Our Internal Control assessment and design is based on a proprietary Risk Assessment Matrix designed to address critical weaknesses in your business processes.
  We develop and maintain effective HR Policies including employee handbook, harassment prevention training, proactive compliance updates.
  We conduct regular meetings to assess and evaluate internal controls and implement changes to your Corporate Governances.