About Us?

Our Team believes in disrupting the traditional reactive beliefs, methodologies, and practices of traditional accounting firms. As a result, we take an entrepreneurial approach to our practice as we work to positively impact the lives of those we serve. Our stance for disruption might be polarizing for some traditional reactive accounting firms, so be it. We enable small businesses to thrive though real time accounting and proactive year round tax planning advice. We are trusted advisors for our clients helping entrepreneurs and their teams work better, smarter, and more efficiently.

We use cloud accounting technology like Xero in order to collaborate with our business clients in real time, keep their accounting records continuously updated, and offer true proactive tax planning services. Say goodbye to the typical reactive accounting firm, welcome to a new way of collaborating with your accountant.

We immediately add value to our clients by working to simplify the Accounting process, this helps our clients become more organized which reduces efforts trying to keep up with their accounting. It also reduces our clients risk associated associated to potential penalties and fines for not keeping up with good accounting practices, and avoids the haste of dealing with the IRS. With a more streamlined Accounting process our clients have reduced anxiety about their business finances and can finally focus on growing their business.

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