Meet the Team

Joe Serrone

Tax Strategist

Joe—Accountant, Xero Certified Advisor, and visionary—founded Polaris to help ambitious businesses across the United States take a progressive, and forward-thinking approach to their Accounting and Tax needs. Ironically, for such a strong proponent of modern-day cloud accounting software, Joe’s love of accounting started in Italy by tracing back to the origins of accounting in the Florentine Renaissance period of the 14th century. In fact, Joe—whose father is Italian and mother American—was trained in Italy by the only remaining living descendant of Benedetto Cotrugli, inventor of the modern double-entry accounting system.

Here, Joe learned not only the mechanics of accounting, but also how to make sense of financial information to help businesses implement the best strategic and tactical decisions. Some things never change… On returning to the U.S., Joe worked for almost 20 years with large organizations such as The Bank of New York, Wachovia, and Wells Fargo. 

But Joe’s heart and soul is really with small businesses—and so he founded Polaris in 2011 as a dynamic and innovative accounting firm that’s far removed from traditional accounting firms. Joe’s mission—then and today—is to be a ‘disruptive’ force in the accounting field by challenging the stereotypes of stuffy accountants who do things that way because that’s how they’ve always been done, regardless of how cumbersome it is for their clients. And while Joe’s business partners prefer the proactive approach of sit-ins and picketing in front of Inuit HQ, Joe is a leading light in the resistance movement of progressive accountants to embrace cloud accounting software. 

So while the Polaris office is often used for covert operations to inform small business owners of the benefits of cloud accounting, strategic plans are also afoot to spread the word to a wider audience… Keep an eye out for the latest rendezvous here.

Vickie Serrone

Secret Agent

Banker, marketer, closer, and all-round ringleader of Polaris, Vickie is equally as passionate about waving the cloud accounting flag at small businesses who prefer to work smarter and do business better. In fact, determined to banish the idea of traditional, stuffy accounting firms full of boring bean counters, Vickie is often heard chanting her favorite tagline “Bringing Sexy Back to Accounting.” 

Vickie worked in the banking industry since the invention of the telegraph in various roles—from Teller Supervisor to miracle worker of banking issues—while consistently expanding her knowledge of banking fraud and fraud prevention processes. Now she loves working with small businesses on their tax and accounting challenges and is first in line during late November to demand access to the latest tax updates and potential tax deductions for individuals and small businesses. 

She’s also furthering her interest in marketing, branding, and social media for Polaris. A true Florida girl, Vickie completed her education in the party city of Orlando, Florida. Vickie loves the outdoors, especially gardening and roaming the grounds of Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC greeting visitors as a long-last heir of the Vanderbilt family.

Brandon Bueno

Bean Counter

The youngest member of the Polaris team, Brandon is known to many of our clients as ‘the silent partner’, simply because he’s a man of few words (but many great thoughts). Brandon initially specialized in QuickBooks, and quickly qualified as a QuickBooks Pro Advisor. However, after witnessing how cloud accounting software streamlines and improves how businesses work, he became a fearless advocate of all things cloud. He was subsequently stripped of his QuickBooks Pro Advisor certification for wearing a Xero T-shirt during a QuickBooks training session. 

Brandon has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and is actively pursuing his CPA designation in a bid to make his enjoyment of working with numbers official. He’s equally as passionate about small businesses as Joe and Vickie—especially those who believe in the virtues of cloud-based accounting—and determined to help such business owners navigate the intricate world of accounting and taxation. He particularly enjoys working with creative types like photographers, web designers, graphic artists, musicians, and even mad scientists. 

Brandon can often be heard chanting, “I’m not a personal trainer, but I can make your figures look good”, a mantra of unknown origins (and in no way related to the Enron and WorldCom accounting scandals.) With a scientific approach to accounting similar to a level demonstrated by Commander Spock, Brandon is constantly looking for ways to improve our own internal processes, streamline workflows, and increase efficiencies for the benefit of our clients. He’s also an avid gamer and has used his visual effects and video editing skills to help promote the Polaris brand.