Caring for your Numbers while Building Relationships

Running a Childcare Business isn’t just about the number of student to teacher ratio and the number of visits per month instead, it is about building long lasting relationships with Kids and their families. Similarly, Polaris Tax & Accounting is committed to develop a long-lasting relationship with you and your Childcare Business, we help you better manage your present Accounting & Tax needs while helping you plan for the future.

See how the right processes, technology, and people transformed The Goddard School in Mooresville NC

We offer powerful Solutions for your Childcare Business:

  We use Xero Cloud Accounting, a beautiful and modern accounting system built in the Cloud, allowing full collaboration between your creative business and our firm.
  We can take the stress of managing your Accounting and Tax needs so you can spend more time caring for your kids and building long lasting relationships.
  Access your business finances anytime, anywhere, and from any device, giving you complete control in order to manage your business on the go.
  We help you better manage your cash flow needs in order to help you plan for the future you want to pursue.
  Receive detailed Monthly Financial Reports to help you understand how your Business is performing.
  In order to minimize your taxes you need a plan before the end of tax season. We work with you throughout the year, and implement proactive tax reduction strategies to help minimizing your taxes burden.
  Enjoy a painless tax season, knowing that we have your Accounting and Tax completely handled.