Accounting & Financial Reporting

We know you did not start a business to be an accountant or a Master of the Tax Code, streamline your business by outsourcing your accounting needs to our Firm.

We bring Accounting to the Next Level

Take the stress out of Accounting and spend more time doing what you love, if you find that Accounting is the least enjoyable part of running your business, we have solutions for you!

How Polaris Tax & Accounting can help your Business.

  We use Xero Cloud Accounting, a beautiful and modern Cloud accounting system built in the Cloud, allowing full collaboration with our firm. 
  We manage your Daily Accounting and Reconcile all of your business accounts making sure that all your financial information is maintained up to date.
  Bring your office everywhere and access your business finances from any Internet Connected Device. Have complete control of your business finances while on the go.
  Improve your Cash Flow and get paid faster by creating custom branded invoices that can be sent to clients securely and paid online.
  See the big picture, we provide you with detailed Monthly Financial Reports to gain deeper insights on your business performance. 
  Dedicated team support to help you with any questions.
   Keep your sensitive financial data protected with multiple layers of security including field-standard data encryption and secure data centers.